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Yeshivat Amit Amichai

Learning in an identity-forming educational environment, at the loveliest Yeshiva in the world

Yeshivat Amit Amichai currently holds roughly 450 students and a staff of 70 teachers and educators. The Yeshiva raises learned, Gd fearing boys and motivates them towards excellence in all fields: scholastics, community, society and values.

"Torat Chaim" is the beating heart through which our students are taught to always ask themselves what their place is in this world and what their purpose is in the grand scheme of Tikun Olam. We strive to instill in our students the commitment to Torah and halacha, combined with human and intellectual curiosity. We strive to acquaint them with general knowledge –humanities, arts and science- and guide them in understanding how these areas impact Jewish and human spirituality.  We teach chessed, charity and involvement in the community through individual and group volunteer initiatives. Our Yeshiva is a leading force in the educational system in the area of pedagogical innovation.

If you are looking for a place where you can grow as a Gd-fearing, Torah-loving  individual, a place that will guide you through the challenges of the 21st century , a place where learning is meaningful – your place is here with us, the loveliest Yeshiva in the world!

At the Yeshiva we address emotional, social and ethical needs of children, as part of a holistic approach, which encourages curiosity and widens our students' horizons. Throughout the school year, they meet with inspiring individuals, including public, religious and military leaders. They take part in seminars and other meaningful learning experiences which will prepare them for building Jewish homes, while developing themselves personally and aspiring to find their place.

Study Halls– our students spend the day in innovative, inspiring study halls which we call "Gogiya". These are large rooms, fully equipped with innovative multimedia and furniture that are adapted to a style of learning that suits the 21st century. The curriculum is tailored to suit new-age-style learning, which is based on developing one’s personal identity and on in-depth studies that are achieved through group work as well as independent studies. All classes are held in the Gogiya. They receive frontal lessons and also learn independently and in study groups, reading, researching and working together. We also offer Distant Learning courses, through the Amit Schools, which students take part in from the Gogiya rooms. 

 Kodesh High-School majors: High-level 5-point math, 5-point Gemara- including an advanced track, 5-point Machshevet (Jewish Philosophy), 5-point Literature and "Sayeret Kodesh"- voluntary additional Talmudic studies which take place on Fridays and Tuesday evening. 

Middle School tracks: Science and Technology Unit (AMA"T), Digital Initiative, Music, Carpentry, Michae"l Excellence Project, Personal Growth Tracks focusing on different areas including:

Personal Interest Growth Tracks 7th Grade

Spiritual Growth-Music, Dog Training, Carpentry, Art

Intellectual Growth-First Aid, Public Speaking, Computer Skills, HTML

Physical Growth-Karate

Personal Interest Growth Tracks 8th Grade

Spiritual Growth-Self-Image, Exploring Inner World Through Guitar Playing, Preparation for Prayer, Music

Intellectual Growth-Leadership, Financial Education, Practical Psychology

Personal Interest Growth Tracks 9th Grade

Spiritual Growth-Music, Self-Image

Intellectual Growth-Arabic, Geo-Politics, Financial Education

Physical Growth-Karate

High School tracks:  Finance, Matriculation Majors: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Communications, Arabic, Computer & Cyber Studies

Yeshivat Amit Amichai- A Scholastic Success Story

Recently, Yeshivat Amit Amichai was voted one of the top 120 schools in the country in academic achievements. We are the number one school in all of Rechovot. Here are some statistics and numbers exposing said achievements.

Attached please find some interesting numbers and statistics regarding our students’ wonderful academic successes

Eligibility for Bagrut (Matriculation) Diplomas

Number of Students69(Including Special Education)62(Not including Special Education)6069(Including Special Education)62(Not including Special Education)
Number Eligible 6762606762
Percentage Eligible97.1%100%10097100
Number of Outstanding Graduates1717142625
Percentage of Outstanding Graduates24.6%27%23.3%37.6%40%

English-Absolute Scores (numbers presented by Hebrew calendar)

English-Eligibility in Percentages (numbers presented by Hebrew calendar)

**חנ"ם- special Education classes

**3,4,5 Points=level matriculation exams (3-lowest 5-highest)

Math- Absolute Scores (numbers presented by Hebrew calendar)

Math-Eligibility in Percentages (numbers presented by Hebrew calendar)

**חנ"ם- special Education classes

**3,4,5 Points=level matriculation exams (3-lowest 5-highest)

A Schedule That Tells a Story

Like all students, our students receive a class schedule before the years starts. But our boys receive a schedule that offers more than the name of the subjects. Their schedule specifies and tells a story of what exactly they will be doing throughout their long days at school. Here is an example of a 7th grade schedule, specifying what studies will take place within the subjects each day and specifying students’ personal growth choices. 

Contact information:

Rav Shimon Shushan- Head Master and Rav of the Yeshiva-shimonsh@amit.org.il

Rav David Pastin- Principal of Junior High-School-david50@amit365.org.il


2 Shay Agnon St. Rechovot

Email: avigil@amit.org.il

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yeshivatamitamichai